Where you will sit when you are old shows where you stood in youth.

Yoruba Proverb

Being Black in America has become increasingly challenging as the gaps in education, opportunity, wage equality, and generational wealth continue to widen. The perpetual misrepresentation of the African Diaspora and miseducation of young black minds have stripped generations of their cultural identity and sense of purpose.  

The Osei Rubie Charitable Fund is the brainchild of its namesake, Osei Rubie, a lifelong advocate for “empowering people of African descent through philanthropy” to end the racial inequity. During his formative years, Rubie experienced a series of life-changing events that would become the foundation for the Fund. He lived on the continent of Africa, later discovered the untold stories of black pioneers and innovators, and began building his own legacy of success as a complement to his lineage of entrepreneurs.

The Fund was established as the philanthropic arm of National Standard Abstract (NSA), a full-service title insurance agency with expertise in residential and commercial real estate transactions. Rubie is the founder and president of the firm, which has been “the bridge to building one community at a time.” Every transaction equates to an investment into the Fund and ultimately the organizations that are working on the ground to create real change.

Success cannot be attained without self-esteem, self-determination, and self-sufficiency. Using his personal journey of self-discovery as a point of reference, Rubie has been on a mission to cultivate partnerships, help implement programs, and advance public policy that will preserve black history as American history. Breaking the cycle of poverty is the first step towards changing the narrative. 

The Osei Rubie Charitable Fund is leading by example and paving a new path towards black excellence.